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G1  Corporate Governance framework

Umicore has adopted the 2009 Belgian Code on Corporate Governance as its reference code.

The English, Dutch and French versions of the Code can be found on the website of the Belgian Corporate Governance Committee.

The Corporate Governance Charter describes in detail the governance structure of the Company, the policies and procedures of the Umicore Group. The Charter is available on the Umicore website and may be obtained on request from Umicore’s Group Communications Department.

Umicore has articulated its mission, values and basic organizational philosophy in a document called “The Umicore Way”. This document spells out how Umicore views its relationship with its customers, shareholders, employees and society.

In terms of organizational philosophy, Umicore believes in decentralization and in entrusting a large degree of autonomy to each of its business units. The business units in turn are accountable for their contribution to the Group’s value creation and for their adherence to Group strategies, policies, standards and sustainable development approach.

In this context, Umicore believes that a good corporate governance structure is a necessary condition to ensure its long term success. This implies an effective decision-making process based on a clear allocation of responsibilities. It has to allow for an optimal balance between a culture of entrepreneurship at the level of its business units and effective steering and oversight processes. The Corporate Governance Charter deals in more detail with the responsibilities of the Shareholders, the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Committee and also the specific role of the Audit Committee and of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee. This Statement provides information on governance issues which relate primarily to the financial year 2014.