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G2  Corporate structure

The Board of Directors is the ultimate decision-making body of Umicore save for those matters reserved to the shareholders’ meeting pursuant to the Belgian Companies Code or Umicore’s articles of association. The Board is assisted in its role by an Audit Committee and a Nomination and Remuneration Committee. The day-to-day management of Umicore has been delegated to the Chief Executive Officer, who is also the chairman of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is responsible for elaborating the overall strategy of Umicore and for submitting it to the Board for review and approval. It is responsible for implementing such strategy and for ensuring the effective oversight of the business units and corporate functions. The Executive Committee is also responsible for screening the various risks and opportunities that the Company might encounter in the short, medium or longer term (see Risk Management section) and for ensuring that systems are in place to address these. The Executive Committee is jointly responsible for defining and applying Umicore’s approach to sustainable development.

Umicore is organized in business groups which in turn comprise business units that share common characteristics in terms of products, technologies and end-user markets. Some business units are further subdivided into market-focused business lines. In order to provide a Group-wide support structure, Umicore has regional management platforms in South America, China, North America and Japan. Umicore’s corporate headquarters are based in Belgium. This centre provides a number of corporate and support functions in the areas of finance, human resources, internal audit, legal and tax, as well as public and investor relations.